Gecho Homes

We met Gecho Homes at the inception of their brand, which placed us in the position to design the luxury real estate company’s entire visual identity and first website. As a new brand, they shared the same goals that even established ones do: to be discoverable and distinguishable in the marketplace.

Here’s how we helped them achieve both:

The visual identity we created around Gecho Homes was rooted in a combination of industry research and as a reflection of the style of homes and culture the brand represents. We used strong lines, luxe color, and bold color contrasts to convey an upscale look and feel. The signature mark is prominent, luxurious, and inviting all at once - especially when given the gold foil treatment!

We brought the same design strategies over to the development of a new website for Gecho Homes. Structurally, the site is built around the common series of actions that anyone interested in real estate would take: to buy, sell, or build. Aesthetically, the brand’s striking photography is balanced by clean, white space sparked with bold, intense, darker elements to lend drama - just like any good home interior. At the heart of good user experience design are plain language, straightforward navigation, and logical site organization so those elements are all there as well.

We’ll continue to organize content around those principles as we manage the site, and its integration into Gecho’s marketing plans, over the course of the year to come.