GLAMbeauty bar

Our team has worked with GLAMbeauty bar since their first location was but a glitter of excitement in owner Meghan Hamilton’s eye. So, naturally, when the brand was ready to give its website a massive glow up, they turned to us. The goal was working through how we could create something that is equal parts luxurious and easy to use. With user experience in mind, we built their new site structure around their robust service menu while shining fresh light on areas their past site made difficult to find. We built out a calendar of events, a menu of products with links to purchase, showcased membership opportunities and highlighted bridal services. One of the things we love most when we talk with any of the GLAMbarbies (as staff are affectionately called) is their commitment to beauty not being something accessible only on special occasions or at exorbitant price points. We translated that value into an overall web aesthetic that feels upscale without being self indulgent.

Aesthetics aside, the website does plenty of heaving lifting for the beauty brand as well. The company recently opened a second store so we built out dedicated location pages to not only help customers find their way but also to improve local search ranking. With Google in mind, we added structured data, made possible through Schema markup, to all relevant pages of the site so that search engines know exactly what’s happening when and what services are offered where. The team at GLAMbeauty bar have also outsourced the management of their listings information and Google My Business account to us so when something needs to be updated, they need only email us. No more wasting time navigating through the maze of listings sites! Holiday hours, new services offerings, events, specials, even staff pics and bios are all managed through our one, centralized system. As a result, not only do GLAMbeauty bar’s customers benefit from the ease of a new site, but GLAM’s staff can focus their attention where it matters most: their craft and the customer experience.

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