GoKid App

UX and Decision Making

Parents across America face the challenge of transporting their children to and from school and extracurricular events every single day. The statistics on school districts that have little-to-no transportation options for families is dismal. GoKid created a solution for this challenge by creating an app-based carpooling planner for parents, schools, and teams to utilize in an effort to coordinate how communities of children get to and from the places they need to be. Communicating this solution, however, proved to be a challenge. Markon was brought on board to resolve two challenges for GoKid: 1. To utilize our design and communications expertise to optimize GoKid’s existing website to better educate and convert potential users; and 2. To leverage our marketing know-how to drive traffic to the site. The resulting work manifested in a comprehensive report and suite of fully-loaded wireframes that directed the redesign of GoKid’s website. Markon provided recommendations on branding, visual communication, marketing copy, and site layout and structure - including the CSS necessary to style the site exactly to our recommendation. We then designed, launched, and monitored advertising campaigns via Facebook, Google Remarketing, and Google AdWords. In less than one month we generated over half-a-million impressions for GoKid and drove thousands of potential users to their website. As a result, GoKid experience a substantial rise in app downloads and account signups.