Green Mountain Structural Engineering

To Build Something Better

What We Did

  • Logo + Brand Identity 
  • Domain Research & Strategy
  • Design & Launch Website
  • Setup Company Email Service
  • Business Cards + Letterhead Design
  • Engineering Graph Paper Design
  • Custom Web Icon Design 
  • Print Advertising 

Green Mountain Structural Engineering is a new firm founded by seasoned experts and compelled by a passion to engineer secure homes in Southwest Washington. As a brand, it’s just emerging from its inception. Founded by local, well-established engineers, Green Mountain, or GMSE, launched in summer 2016. We knew from the start that this would be an excellent project. The engineers that founded the company were exact in their responses to our creative briefs and determined in their sense of direction. Their desire for flat design to convey the very real work that they do, presented an opportunity to illustrate real world objects in a way that would be emotionally evocative and visually compelling. Their color palette only reinforced their identity. This became a scenario in which our designers could experiment with lines and font to create a visual identity that will become instantly identifiable in all of GMSE’s future work.

The Foundation: A Logo

We knew from the discovery process that GMSE was interested in a conservative, nearly monotone color palette that expressed the greens that their team envisioned when thinking about their name. We also knew that they had a preference for flat design, which meant the lines and font chosen for the logo would direct the lines and font found on the print and digital collateral designed later for them. The resulting logo utilizes clean lines, shapes, and color to portray an identity.



Naming & Domains

GMSE is aware that a four word name can be a mouthful and a burden to type out, so when we began planning their website they came to us and asked if we setup a domain that reduced the four words to two. The result was We also advised the new firm to buy a series of other domains so that any URL that could potentially be thought of as affiliated with the firm would be in its possession and redirect to their site.

The Website

When you’re a new firm comprised of established talent,  you know where to acquire new business. Your website becomes less of a tool to convert clients, but rather a tool to build brand awareness. To do this, we styled a simple site with concise content and custom, flat, icons to represent services and portray the spirit of the brand.


Print Collateral

Business cards and letterhead are still brand staples for any business. For GMSE, however, we also designed custom graph paper for the team to draw on. Branded resources help increase brand awareness and foster an organizational culture.  


Print Advertising

The Parade of Homes event in Southwest Washington is a natural expose point for a firm such as GMSE. With their logo complete and the nuts and bolts of their brand aesthetic locked down, GMSE came to us to design an advertisement to be included in a print publication for the event. The resulting design is clean, structured, and powerful. It's bound to gain the right attention. 


GMSE’s investment in branding and print and digital collateral at the inception of their business is going to go a long way in develop a brand identity, culture, and awareness within their community. Always forward looking, the firm has an eye toward expanding their website and developing more collateral in the immediate future. We look forward to their development!