Green Mountain Structural Engineering

Brand is More Than A Logo

Green Mountain Structural Engineering commissioned Markon to develop their brand identity, website, and to help with public relations. Founding by two successful and well-established local structural engineers, the new firm developed an instant footprint in its field. We distilled the founder's vision for the aesthetic representation of their brand, the values they expressed, and the expertise they shared with us and created an identity system to represent them online, in print, and in their own office. We kept the website simple with the intention that it would serve primarily as an online listing, rather than a space to showcase work or collect new leads. 

Since the launch of the brand identity and website, Markon has helped Green Mountain with several public relations projects to assert the firm's position on topics relevant to local home construction, city policy, and other issues. Our creative team provides recommendations on messaging, writes communications pieces, and connects with local media on behalf of the firm.