Hadley Beauty Co.

The Baddest On The Block

What We Did

  • Logo + Brand Identity 
  • Brand Awareness / Public Relations Campaign
  • Marketing / Print Design
    • Event Invites
    • Product Card
    • Brand Card

Hadley Beauty Co. is a lifestyle brand launched by Meghan Hamilton, the founder of Beauty by Meghan and GLAMbeauty Bar. Founded under the premise that glam should be accessible to anyone, and that karma requires that we only put positive energy into the world, the brand is launching with a focus on artistry and sustainability. Hadley Beauty Co.’s initial product line up includes fifteen cosmetic brushes, that majority of which are 100% vegan, while the rest are produced with sustainably harvested goat hair. All of them are produced cruelty free (without animal testing). Hamilton’s artistry is inherent in the product design itself. From the choice of synthetic fibers and goat hair for the brushes, to the choice of plastic for the handle, and the rose gold ferrule. It was clear from the onset that matching Hamilton’s artistry in our design work was essential to success for this project. The resulting identity and marketing materials represent the same attention to detail, with commanding style and precision.

A Logo Was Just the Start

The project to design an identity for Hadley Beauty Co. was born at the same time that the fledgling brand needed a wordmark to print on its forthcoming line of cosmetic brushes. This challenged us to design an identity while first imagining it in the smallest of spaces: the curved handle of a black plastic brush. Once a word mark was established, developing a primary logo that could embody the aesthetic of the brand was key. To do so, we incorporated clean lines, color and geometry to reflect Hadley Beauty Co.'s sense of innovation, creativity, and feel. 


Brand Style Guide

With us, you never get just one logo. We know that it's just not enough to sustain or grow a proper brand. Our design work for HBC continued well beyond the initial wordmark and included creating mood boards


Marketing & Print Design

In the case of Hadley Beauty Co., print items were truly the first branded material to enter anyone's world. The brand and product launch was preceded by each a print invitation, a product card, and "rack card" style information piece that introduced the brand. 

HBC 2.png

Brand Awareness / Public Relations Campaign 

To announce the launch of Hadley Beauty Co., as a new brand and a product line, we drafted a brand awareness / public relations campaign. This included identifying key local and national media outlets, and a list of bloggers and YouTube personalities to send specializes media packages to. This work resulted in several local and industry publications for the new brand!

Few brands come together with such precision of detail, and ease of execution as Hadley Beauty Co. That is a testament to the vision laid out to us by its founder, and the clear sense of character and purpose she envisioned for her brand. We look forward to seeing it grow!