Hillsboro Farmers' Markets

What binds everyone together more than community? Food. Every human being requires food and if acquiring food can become a community experience that unites residents with local growers, bakers, artisans, musicians, and more, then even better! When Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets came to us to imagine a fresh new website experience for them we knew we needed to create something modern, stylish, and dynamic. The result is a highly informational website that provides a community event calendar, a blog, a directory of local vendors, and more.

The site is organized around the four individual markets that together serve an entire community, along with content unique to each area piped straight to each page. As Squarespace developers, we can build gorgeous, dynamic websites, but it’s the content that makes the heart of a website. We have to give credit to the Manager of the Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets and her team; their excitement and dedication to this project helped turn it into an active, productive collaboration and helped us complete this project in just a matter of weeks!

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