Holiday World

Holiday World is a travel agency in New South Wales, Australia that understands the power of strong content to build brand authority and drive conversion. They came to us with a well-established brand identity and robust content marketing efforts already underway through an existing website, a well-executed email marketing strategy, and social media channels, including a successful YouTube presence. From the outset, we knew as designers and developers that to elevate Holiday World’s web presence we would need to build more than an informational website. Instead, the new site would need to be a unified content marketing hub and lead generation platform.

To do so, we created structures to house various types of promotional content, which we then categorized and tagged based on customer-interest so that we could build a filtered search feature on the new homepage. We implemented an event calendar on the site, created a travel resources blog, and created a data feed between the website and Holiday World’s YouTube Channel. Calls-to-action to schedule phone and in-person consultations, request more detail, download guides, and simply email the team are all over the website. The result is a website where customers can filter and sort the most important content directly from the homepage, affording them the opportunity to drive their own brand experience before taking action on the site.

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