Infinity Events

Events Without Bounds

What we Did

  • Logo + Brand Identity 
  • Business Card Design & Printing
  • Design Social Media Graphics
  • Design & Launch Website

Some brands are stoic. Some brands are iconic. Some brands are, well, effusive. From the initial request-for-proposal, to our first team conversations, and throughout the entire project, Infinity Events maintained an infectious level of energy that we knew we had to synthesize into the visual expression of their brand. 

The brand also has an intellectual and tactical versatility. Informed by both experience and formal academic training, Infinity covers a range of events, from a deeply personal bar mitzvah to a highly staged corporate event. Much like our own industry, its all about channeling the clients needs and creating lasting solutions. 

We know all to well that when your audience is broad (in this case, anyone with an event to plan), your branding has to speak to your character in a way that anyone can engage with. For Infinity this created a tension that had to be resolved for each stage of the project, from initial brand identity, to print collateral, social media and the web. 

The Logo is the Foundation of a Brand

Creating a Brand Identity

Our process for creating a brand identity is rich with collaboration. Following a creative brief (or two), we usually move into a mood board phase. Mood boarding is a way for us to collect design samples that resonate with the client, or that the client believes will resonate with their audience. 

As a brand that plans elaborate events, Infinity is as design obsessed as we are. This made for an enriching experience for both of us. Two central tensions arose during the process: 1) how do you create a brand identity that speaks to a vast, and sometimes disparate, audience?; and 2) how do you work around a name that begs to stamped with its eponymous icon? Between the two of us, there were plenty of ideas floating around. As brand designers, it was our task to achieve a solution. 

That's when the idea of the bow tie was born. The symbol represents both formality and fun and embodies the shape of an infinity symbol. It was the perfect move, something universally recognizable, yet versatile enough for a modern designer to toy with the shape and presentation in a way that will translate to a contemporary audience, both online and in print. 


Marketing Collateral Designed for an Entire Audience

A central theme in this project is the enormity and diversity of Infinity's audience. Rather than create a single design to appeal to everyone, we chose to move forward with a design that could be easily adapted, primarily through color and texture, to speak to differing audiences. To do this we designed and printed two iterations of Infinity's business cards. 


The Website

The culmination of all the preceding work was the design and launch of Infinity's website. Designed to showcase the company's portfolio of work, and serve as a publication of its thought leadership, the website is as much visual as it's editorial. Here, we combined the branding's signature gold and raspberry elements, and included the herringbone pattern from the business cards to create a digital extension of Infinity's print branding. 

Building a site like this is no simple endeavor. Thoughtful work goes into each line of copy, the layout of information, and the organization of the site. A major effort on both parties was launched to collect the right photographs from events to populate the website. Copy was written, rewritten and then finally placed neatly on each page. 

When you are working with a brand at its inception these exercise are not only about design in terms of layout and surface-level aesthetic. It's about setting a standard and establishing a habit. Consulting with Infinity on the website included hours of time discussing content, voice, assigning metadata to blog posts, and how to write for broad audiences. Details like that are what separate designers from brand designers/managers. 


The Launch

When the website was deemed complete, Infinity not only had a functioning website online, but a crash course in blogging, SEO and social media. As a branding agency, it's our goal to not only build beautiful websites, but ones that our clients can easily manage after our work is done. Throughout the entire project we worked closely with Infinity to ensure they were able to edit and add their own content, and navigate the native features of the websites content management system, Squarespace, on their own. 

Discussing Branding on Twitter

As the project was wrapping up, and partly to revel in the excitement of Infinity's newly launched Twitter account, we took to the rapid-fire platform to discuss the process of going through a brand-identity project with Markon.

@MarkonBrands 1. It's trendy & been done. 2. It looks like wedding rings/symbol. My goal: attract both corporate AND social clients.#mbdchat

— Infinity Events (@nfinity_events) March 10, 2016

Stressful picking what I’m going to show the world. AMAZINGLY easy and simple with you guys. No joke. Best thing ever.
— Megan Gerber, Founder, Infinity Events

As a branding agency, there is almost nothing more gratifying than working with a new brand at the beginning of its life. It's an opportunity to help entrepreneurs lay a foundation upon which to build a strong company. Working with Infinity called upon all of our talents, from logo design and brand identity creation, to printing marketing collateral, to designing a website, to providing consultation on strategy and management. This was a whole project in every sense possible for an agency like ours and a company like theirs - and it was amazing.