Integrative Rheumatology

Integrative Rheumatology of South Texas is a holistic rheumatology practice that pairs traditional treatment with complimentary care including nutrition, fitness and other wellness initiatives. The practice came to us with a simple goal: to have a place online to connect current and prospective patients with information regarding their condition and the practice’s services. The other struggle was that with two locations to serve patients, the team needed to be able to get clear information out there about when and where they were open. We also refined the existing logo to better fit the web and used the earthy, calming green tones to subtly guide the remaining site design. The structure is straightforward but effective: simple navigation paired with images that are evocative of the condition and technology related to the practice. The end result is a hub of information for current and future patients. In the future, the client may integrate online features such as bill pay or scheduling and we’ll be here to help when they’re ready to grow!

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