Kaiti Orf

Minimal Design Elevates Content

It’s hard out there for a blogger. To succeed they have to stand out and offer a unique personality and perspective worthy of a loyal readership. It takes dedication, creativity, and a fearlessness that most don’t possess to succeed in the world of blogging. Kaiti Orf is one such fearless creative and to give her thoughts a home on the web she turned to Markon. Creating a blogging site draws on all of the fundamentals of web design and communication. To give Kaiti a platform for success, we built a website with a modern, clean aesthetic, that places typography and content above features and graphics. We made sure it was easy to navigate from topic to topic and that the site is fundamentally interconnected with the other places around the web where Kaiti shares her thoughts - through text and images. Using a mix a hearty mix of onsite content strategy and backend descriptors, we made sure her site is doing what it can be discovered in search. The ultimate result is a website that is uniquely hers.