Lord Interior Design

Building a Portfolio Site 

Arlene Lord, the creative powerhouse behind Lord Interior Design, came to us in the summer of 2017 with a common dilemma - the need for a website that is modern, responsive, well-thought-out, and capable of showcasing the breadth, and quality, of the work her agency does for their clients. In other words: How could Lord Interior Design have a website as the spaces they create for their clients so that their work can live beautifully on the web?

Our answer was simple: a new website on Squarespace with an editorial feel and a strong sense of organization.

Lord’s existing site had served the agency well for years. However, as their body of work grew, it was clear that a new structure would have to be put into place to accommodate housing the breadth of work they’ve completed. We started by analyzing the existing site and using those findings to propose an improved site architecture. Then we took on the massive task of organizing over 1,000 images, selecting the hundreds that would make it onto the site, and assigning each of them consistently formatted descriptive metadata. From there we built a new website that includes a portfolio of 19 projects, a detailed process section, preferred vendors list, and an extensive about page. Each project in the portfolio is categorized by service type, with associated tags for additional work, such as lighting, window treating, etc. Projects are also tagged by location so that individuals can get a sense of where Lord’s work can be found.

The resulting website is a capsule for all that Lord Interior Design does. It can be used to generate leads, provide information about Lord’s process, and serve as a press kit for prospective media outlets to know what the agency is up to.