Matrix Protective Packaging

Realizing Potential

What We Did

  • Refined Logo + Brand Identity 
  • Design & Launch Website
  • Transfer Company Email Service
  • Crafted Client Relaunch Letter
  • Crafted & Distributed News Release
  • Business Card Design & Printing
  • Stationery & Envelope Design & Printing
  • Branded Product Label Design & Printing

When our path crossed with Matrix, the company was at a crossroads. Internally, Matrix was in a deep period of optimization, and externally, the company wondered how to present a newly refined version of itself to long-standing clients and a market in which it had already developed an established reputation. 

Refining a Visual Identity

The Matrix logo had been in circulation in various ways for decades. Everything the company ships out of its production facility is branded, as are its communications, employees, and facility. Though the company is in a period of renewal, a refined visual identity had to pay homage to the original identity. This is frequently true when refining a brand. Visual consistency and recognizability are essential to successful branding. So we took the structure and aesthetic of the original logo and began modernizing it. The result is a lithe logo that honors the past while also creating a sense of expanding potential. 

The beauty of branding, of course, is that brands are largely what we make of them. We pull aspects of a company's identity, such as its values, its processes, its goals for the future, and we craft an identity that we present to the world that communicates what the company is, what it does, and how it can play a role in the marketplace, or a user's life. Brands evolve because times change, values change, products and services change, and with all of that, goals change. 

To help Matrix present a freshly optimized version of itself to the world we led a visual refinement of the company's brand identity. Then we led a public relations campaign to reintroduce Matrix within the community it acts in. Throughout we updated marketing and branding materials and consulted on digital strategy, internal and external communication and more.  


Capturing media for a modern audience

Matrix, admittedly, had a dated marketing portfolio. One that did not include photographs of its fabrication facility or product. To remedy this, we partnered with our friend Lindsay Christ of J.L. Christ Studios to capture artful images of working happening live on Matrix's production floor. 

A home on the web

Matrix was one of those companies that never launched a digital presence because the strength of their brand, within their market, was so powerful, they could grow and adapt as needed. Until they couldn't. Rapid fulfillment, advanced fabrication technologies, and issues around transportation and even waste management began to undermine the foundation Matrix had built. Times changed, and now it was time to build Matrix a website. Our task was simple. We needed to create a space on the web that captured their aesthetic and explained a bit about who they were. The site had to be responsive (naturally), express their identity, while making reference to their technical prowess, and include a point of contact. The resulting website is minimal in its design, with a heavy focus on photographs from within Matrix's production facility.


A Coordinated Campaign to Launch the Refined Brand

The external refinements to Matrix's brand were only exceeded by internal investments to optimize its production capabilities and streamline how clients do business with the custom protective packaging firm. To reintroduce Matrix we took simultaneously launched a letter to all of Matrix's past and current clients, and a news release to local and industry media. The results were positive. A number of industry-related media outlets, and a regional newspaper took on the story, publishing blurbs from the news release and putting them in rotation online. One-on-one correspondence from clients who received the letter was positive, reopening dialogues and strengthening existing relationships. 


Print Collateral for Every Purpose

When you're in the business of mass producing protective packaging, you ship product out in large volume. While the product itself is not branded, but the packaging it arrives in can be. After we completed the brand refinement exercise, we redesigned Matrix's business cards and created variants of a branded label for Matrix to use whenever it wished to place its stamp on outgoing materials. 


Matrix is in a position to utilize decades of experience, forward thinking leadership, and access to people and resources to build on its legacy and redefine its role in the protective packaging industry. Investing in a brand refinement and public relations campaign created an opening for Matrix to demonstrate its talents and take up new space in its market. A freshly branded company is one to reckon with. We are confident Matrix will use its fresh aesthetic and renewed energy to lead its field.