Monarch Homes

Monarch Homes takes residential properties in the Indianapolis area and reimagines them from the foundation up. Just don’t use the F word… flip! What they do for houses, we did for their brand; taking the bones and foundation of something that just needed a little TLC and transforming them into something beautiful, modern, classic and fresh. They came to us for a website but we knew that given just the right updates, we could also develop an identity to help homeowners, brand partners and sponsors alike associate their brand with the character and expertise this husband and wife duo bring to every project.

Our team chipped their existing identity down to its core and reshaped it to fit both the direction Monarch Homes is moving in, and the style and quality of work they produce for their own clients. We moved away from using an icon as a primary mark and instead embraced typography to create a wordmark with a sense of presence. Their old icon was refashioned as a bold submark great for social media. We wanted the design to feel connected to their history but allowed for more movement and elegance than before. The final customized script font is both classic and modern, evocative of the homes they work on. It’s spacious letters and unfurling curls are indicative of Monarch’s open imagination an adaptability. We also developed an entirely new color palette for the brand, rooting it in a deep navy (inspired by the color of the walls in one of their homes) and accentuated with soft, earthy neutrals, subtle greens and warm grays.

We designed Monarch’s new website to echo bring the refreshed brand to life and give it a place to grow online. The website offers a calm, organized space with easy-to-use navigation leading to rich content about the work in their portfolio. We implemented a robust tag and category system that will allow them to expand that portfolio without adding bloat to the site (that many beautiful, high res photos can really slow a site down!) and ensuring maximum discoverability.

An Instagram “drawer” anchored to the right side of the website lets users quickly oscillate from Monarch’s website to some of their social content, while the portfolio and blog sections let them immerse themselves in Monarch’s personality and expertise. Speaking of social media, we also armed the team with some new tips and strategies to stand out amongst the crowded “Chip and Joanna Gaines wannabes” so prevalent on Instagram! The results of this project are a brand, a website and a marketing strategy that reinforce Monarch Homes’ mission. Pay attention, HGTV - these guys are ones to watch!

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