Pink Lemonade Project

Building A Strong Foundation 

Pink Lemonade Project (PLP) came to us in the summer of 2017 with a serious ask: What can Markon do to give the organization a stable, attractive, modern website that can grow with the organization without needing periodic mass overhauls?

Our answer: Build a fresh new site on Squarespace and abandon the maze of plugins, updates, and bugs on WordPress.

Squarespace’s native features allowed for every function that PLP needed from the site: the ability to collect donations, allow constituents to register for events and to purchase promotional items from the organization’s online store. This eliminated the need to subscribe to multiple plugins on WordPress and deal with the resulting hassle when one plugins update upsets the functionality of another. We completed a content audit on PLP’s previous website and designed a new site architecture that delivered the maximum amount of information with the least clicks for visitors. Then we went a step further to optimize that content by making revisions to tone, voice, and the information available itself. Now, for the first time, PLP’s website includes stats on the organization’s reach in the community and its 990 form - making transparency a priority on the site. Finally, we made full use of the visual identity that we designed for PLP just two years before. The result is a branded site that functions as the result of one powerful platform, with a single dashboard to manage commerce, donations, customer profiles, and site analytics.