Pink Lemonade Project

Making The Most Of Life's Lemons

What We Did

  • Campaign Logo
  • Direct Mail Insert
  • Remittance Envelope
  • Social Media Graphics:
    • Custom Facebook Shareable Images
  • Custom Fill-able PDF Forms for Web & Print

Pink Lemonade Project is a phenomenal example of how the generosity and ingenuity of a few people can make an extraordinary impact on many. Founded and operating in Vancouver, Washington, Pink Lemonade Project provides services and support to the breast cancer community. We've worked with Pink Lemonade on a number of projects, but recently had the opportunity to design a custom mail insert to support an ongoing giving campaign.

The campaign, which is supported by Waste Connections, presents a unique opportunity to residents in Southwest Washington's Clark County, by giving them the opportunity to upgrade from a standard recycle cart (yes, blue is no longer your only option!) to a pink recycle cart that features Pink Lemonade Project's branding. Every upgrade is dependent on a $100 donation that, thanks to the generosity of Waste Connections, goes entirely to Pink Lemonade Project. For over a year, the campaign relied on donors to find the opportunity on Pink Lemonade's website, or learn about it at a Pink Lemonade event. With the conception and creation of a custom mail insert, the campaign has quickly garnered more donations in the two weeks preceding this writing than in the preceding 18 months. It has been, in short, amazing.  

Below is a conversation about that experience with Brittany Pratt, the Director of Program and Marketing for Pink Lemonade. 

At the time of this writing, the custom insert campaign is exactly 17 days into its 60 day period. The cart upgrade option will be available indefinitely

Markon: We’ve done work with Pink Lemonade Project before, but you recently came to us to design an insert for a direct mail giving campaign. Why do you feel that design was important for this particular campaign?

Brittany: "For a variety of reasons. Not many people knew about the cart. Kristine’s design just completely. . .  it was a great design! It was eye catching. It was bright. It was fun! 'Turn Clark County pink', was her idea and it has caught people’s attention. There are a lot of people out there who want to support breast cancer and now they know this is a way they can do it.
Kristine also made graphics that match the insert for our Facebook page. On August 3 I did a post with the graphic and announced the marketing campaign.
So while the inserts were being mailed out the same information was on Facebook. That was over two weeks ago. Between the insert and the social media post, we’ve had 31 carts claimed. Waste Connection provides the carts, so when a person claims a cart and sends in that $100 donation, 100% of it goes to Pink Lemonade."

Markon: How was the creative process experience like with Markon? What were some of the main takeaways from the experience?

Brittany: "Working with Kristine. . . she’s brilliant. I have a creative mind myself and I grew up in a creative environment. I feel like she is able to take some of my ideas, couple them with the one’s that she has, and bring it all to life. She’s really good at 'getting it'. She can create something that is even better than what I had in my mind."

Markon: How valuable is it to have an agency like Markon that you can call on when you need design/marketing work?

Brittany:  "Markon is punctual. I feel like if I need anything, Markon is there and you do a great job. I’m thrilled to work with you and have my needs met. I feel like we have our design peeps in order. We know who to go to! It takes a huge burden off me."
There are all kinds of extra inserts in people’s mail, but ours was designed to be really bright and eye catching. So I think ours is the one that people will stop and read instead of just throwing into the recycling.
— Brittany, Director of Marketing, Pink Lemonade Project

Markon: How important is The visual quality of marketing messages?

Brittany: "So important. I think it’s the most important detail because you want to stand out among other businesses and non-profits and get people’s attention. So if your visuals are dull you’re not going to do that."

Markon: Do you feel that design helps present Pink Lemonade Project as the unique, and vital, brand that it is.

Brittany: "I think that having a consistent brand that is well designed sends the message that we are a serious organization. It lends to our credibility. When things are hodge-podge, I think it gives people room to question if we are legitimate and whether or not they should give to us.
When I first took this job I saw opportunities in this campaign. It’s a big pink recycling bin! What better way to draw attention to our organization than that! I’m hoping the pink carts will multiply! Someone will get one on their street and a neighbor will see it and want one and so on. It’ll be a domino effect and these carts are going to be available indefinitely."

Markon: Clark County residents have had the opportunity to give through this particular campaign for a while now, but have not had the opportunity to give through their Waste Connections bill. Since the insert campaign went out, the number of contributions linked to this campaign has quadrupled (1 donation made in 2015; 31 made since the launch of this campaign) Why do you think the direct mail made such an impression? 

Brittany:  "There are all kinds of extra inserts in our mail, but ours was really bright and eye catching. So I think ours was one that people would stop and read instead of just throwing into the recycling."

Markon: With results like you've just experienced, how important is design/marketing to you moving forward with projects? 

Brittany: "I think important because it goes back to the legitimacy and the professional feeling that it gives off about our organization. It shows we care and that we are organized and that people can take us seriously.
One of the great things we are experiencing is that 95% of the orders I have received are from persons not in our constituent database. These are people who have never contacted us or been to our events. These are people completely new to us. They may have heard of us, but they weren’t actively engaged."

Markon: 31 carts claimed in two weeks is awesome. What kind of impact does that have on an organization like Pink Lemonade Project?

Brittany: "The results of this campaign - in just two weeks - are almost enough to fund an entire survivors retreat weekend. (The max capacity for which is ten women.)
Women come from all over the country for our retreats. Yes, we are a local organization, but we have a broad audience. Our retreats are led by psychologists/mental health care facilitators. We bring in a massage therapist. We do this to help kick start the healing process for them."

New & Returning Donors

97% of respondents - thus far - are new donors! Not only is the mail insert campaign drawing in new funds, it's raising awareness.

Number of Pink Carts Purchased Over Time

More carts have been claimed since the custom insert was first mailed than in the preceding eighteen months they were available.

Design communicates the value of an organization like Pink Lemonade Project and design is what captures the attention of prospective donors, welcoming them to learn more about a brand and an opportunity. Investing in design services is critical to raising awareness and driving impact. Audiences are extraordinarily receptive to visual queues, texture and materials. Pink Lemonade Project was able to leverage their authority as a local non-profit with excellent programs and communicate in a way that is garnering substantial community support. As their story continues we know that design will play a strong part.  

We encourage you to learn more about Pink Lemonade Project. Visit them on the web!