Portland Development Group Investments

Founding An Identity In An Evolving Market



What We Did

  • Publication Design
  • Postcard and Flyer Design
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Property Catalogs
  • Corporate Reports
  • Digital Presentations
  • Flyers
  • Brand Letterhead

Portland Development Group Investments (PDGI) is an emerging brand in the Portland, Oregon real estate market. It shares a visual identity with its parent brand, Portland Development Group, and operates in the same markets with primarily the same audience. PDGI works with Markon to design and manage marketing collateral, including monthly direct mail campaigns, property catalogs, corporate reports, and digital presentations. As brand designers and print managers, Markon has the ability to design the material in house and then oversee its production and distribution. 

When the name of your game is developing relationships with your investors, and the potential property owners and buyers, that make your brand all that it is, a robust marketing campaign is in order. That is, a marketing campaign infused with the kind of detailed information that can prompt investors, sellers, and consumers to make transactions that move one of life's most valuable commodities, a home. 

Direct Mail 


Offering Overview


In branding we often talk about the need for consistency, in both appearance and message. However, there is another quality that requires effort: persistence. PDGI's success, as a brand, and as an operator in its field, is born out of its dedication to persistently drive home its message and continue the relationship it has with its stakeholders through its marketing campaigns. We are looking forward to continue to drive that persistence with the design and print management services that bring their ideas to life.