Refuge Church

At the center of every community is the message and content that its members hold dear. (Did you think we were going to say its people?) What better way to organize, share, and regularly update your content than around a website? That’s what the good people at Seek Refuge Church in St. Charles, Missouri decided to do - and they showed up to the game, prepared! When Seek Refuge met Markon they had a strong design aesthetic in mind, wireframes for every page of their website drafted, and strong ideas about how content could be organized. All they needed was a team of web designers to build their vision for their community. Our team did just that. Working on their ideas we built a website that’s true to their needs, featuring an event calendar, a blog, and a library of podcasts that are searchable by multiple criteria. Now, Seek Refuge members can download past sermons, read the latest thoughts from their faith community, and keep up with church events. It’s the digital centerpiece their community needed.

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