Salt MD

A Brand and a Website to Stand Apart

Salt MD is a case study in differentiation. The rising elite medical device brand came to Markon to set a foundation and plot a course. We designed the company’s logo and website and then created a marketing a plan to help them continue to stand out among their competitors. Everything about the design work we completed for Salt MD was meant to differentiate them from competitors visually. Though Salt MD operates in a distinct field, it offers a style and suite of services that are very different from any peers. To drive that home our mission was to create a separate feel from the rest of the industry - one that would speak more to culture, style, and experience, instead of technical details. That mission went into the logo we created and the Squarespace website we designed. Our marketing plan including an analysis of competitor’s current marketing habits and a recommended content calendar meant to serve as a guidance document for future activities. Salt MD is now well on its way to claiming an enormous stake in their industry.