Share House Vancouver


What We Did

  • Strategic Plan for Giving Campaign
  • Build Custom Landing Page with E-Commerce Functionality
  • Design Social Media Graphics
  • Create Social Media Content Calendar & Marketing Plan
  • Design & Print Coordinating Postcards for Local Distribution

Somewhat late in the rush of the charitable giving season, the Markon team decided to do something to give back to our community. Other people start planning successful charitable giving campaigns months and years in advance. We did it in a matter of days. 

It didn't take long for us to all agree that we'd like to organize a campaign for Share House Vancouver. In talking with the executives about hunger in our community, we learned just how many people in our community go without. These are not people in far away places or that you only see in documentaries. These are people in our own neighborhoods and communities and backyards who are struggling. Many of them work, pay rent, pay bills and simply have nothing left over for food. Hunger hides everywhere. So our campaign set out to do something about it.

We learned that every week, Share Vancouver sends 1,850 packs of food home with students across Clark County in addition to having dry food pantries inside every single high school. Alleviating hunger gives students a chance to focus in school and receive an education. The psychology of it is pretty simple: when students know food is available to them at school, it increases attendance. Education, in turn, increases opportunity for economic well being. 

In order to spread this message and get the campaign noticed, we knew we'd have to do something different. The idea to make the campaign 100% virtual was an easy way for us to do what we do best: branding online spaces, designing social media content and organizing a marketing plan.

It All Starts With A Strategic Plan


Landing Pages Provide Clear (and Clean!) Direction

Landing Page.png
Purchase Page.png
Checkout Page.png

Even A Virtual Campaign Needs Printed Collateral

Branded spaces and social media content have extraordinary reach, but strategically placed print collateral still holds potential for remarkable impact. Print collateral allowed us an additional channel of messaging that exists outside of the noise found on the web and social media. Paralleling the design of the print collateral with the digital spaces and content was intentional. Having presented a strong visual identity that is separate from both Markon and Share we elevated the significance of the face that this drive was fueled by the energy of a third party: the gracious donors who made it all happen. The print collateral not only underscored that statement, but it provided a physical reverberation point for the digital campaign happening on people's devices. 


Giving Fueled By The Power Of Social Media

Social media is the great connector. We knew with the right content strategy we could galvanize a community to support a cause that bares deep, human resonance. Original content and strategy are essential to any social media campaign, so we designed a full suite of visual content for Facebook and Instagram, and then laid that content out in a visual calendar. By utilizing location tagging and location-centric hashtags we expanded the reach of each post. The community responded. Not only did our posts receive high volume impressions, but members of the community shared our posts, each share becoming a new post with new impressions. Ultimately impressions became donations and donations became shelf-stable goods for Share. 


A Community That Gives


We at Share are continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of donors like you who answer the call to help those we serve. Thank you.
— Kim Hash, Director of Development & Communications, Share House Vancouver

On 18 December, 2015 we delivered 543 pounds of goods to Share House Vancouver. That’s 543 pounds of protein, fruit and vegetables for food backpacks and dry pantries administered in every high school in Clark County. That’s 543 pounds of opportunity for a student, or a family, to have the valuable nutrition required to meet the challenges of the day ahead, or to know how it feels to go to sleep without a nourished body. 543 pounds of generosity ignited by visual content distributed, and amplified, across social media channels. That’s an example of how a small, sliver of digital space on the enormity of the web can be used as a tool for tangible, positive change in a community. It’s an example of the goodness of people who may not have otherwise been aware of Share, or Markon, or how pervasive hunger is in our society. It’s a good thing.

While this campaign is over, if you'd like to donate at any time during the year Share House Vancouver would certainly put your generosity to good use. Hunger doesn't stop when the holidays are over and as we've learned it hides everywhere.