Stacey's Flowers

Grow: To become Larger, Or Greater, Over A Period of Time

What We Did

  • Logo Design + Brand Identity
  • Business Cards
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Website Design
  • Digital/Paper Ads
  • Custom Apparel 

Stacey’s Flowers is pushing the boundaries on creative floristry and, in turn, growing by shoots and buds. In fact, this month, February 2015, Stacey’s Flowers won Wedding Wire’s Couple’s Choice awards for providing creative, well crafted, intricate floral arrangements, and flawless execution of day-of event coordination.

When we met Stacey she was a brazen, if quirky, solopreneur who was DIYing her marketing needs. It was becoming a time suck, drawing her away from what she does best: crafting well-made products designed to match her client’s personality. When she recruited Markon’s help, we sat down with her in much the same way she would with her clients. In taking the time to get to know her, we designed products to her liking, that reflected her personality and ambitions.

We recently sat down to chat with Stacey about all we’ve worked on together. Here is our story:

Markon: You worked with us two years ago to develop a logo, and ultimately, a brand identity. Tell us about your decision to make that leap.

Stacey: "I had already been in business for 15 years. I knew I needed help. I would drive by Markon all the time, so one day I called you. I was greeted very professionally and decided to come in. I met with Kristine and clicked with her. Now I just come to you guys with whatever I need."

Markon: What was the creative process like with Markon?

Stacey: "Fantastic! Again, I had been in business for 15 years before I got professional help. I was doing everything myself. I showed up with only my old business card to show for branding. Just by sitting down and talking to me Kristine was able to get to know me. She used our conversation to create a logo that represented me much better."

Markon: Do you think professional design services have made an impact on your marketing?

Stacey: "I think so! It is much more consistent across my website, my business cards, my Facebook page. It all ties together and I’m having excellent feedback on that."

Markon: You work in a visual field, how important is it, for your clients, that you invest in branding and marketing?

Stacey: "Extremely important. It provides a professional image. It shows people that I am serious about my business.
I think it is a win, win for me and my clients. They see what I’m all about, they see that I’m consistent and then how that translates into how I will take care of them."

Markon: Do you feel branding and marketing has helped your business grow?

Stacey: "Yes. Absolutely! Most of my clients find me through web searches, word of mouth referrals and the advertising I do on wedding planner websites. Now, however they find me, they see the same, consistent front."

Markon: You recently came back to Markon to have us build a new website for you. What was that experience like for you?

Stacey: "Excellent! With you already providing my new logo and business cards, and by knowing my personality by taking the time to actually get to know me, you were able to put all of those quirky, sassy, fun things into my website. My personality really shows in the design."

I would say . . . that if you want to have a professional image, it is extremely important to be consistent in all avenues of advertising - websites, business cards, car decals - all of these things are very, very important.
— Stacey

Markon: How do you hope the website will help your business?

Stacey: "The new website will really show clients the kind of creative work I can do. It shows my personality and should give them an idea of the experience they’re going to have. I’ve had 3 new clients in the first 4 days that the website has been live! Live!"

Markon: As a small business owner, how much time do you put into marketing?

Stacey: "I’m not always thinking about it, but it’s not something that I put to the side. I want to be out there and I want to be fresh and new for prospective clients. In all honesty, I’m pretty busy and it flits in and out of my mind. I think about it, but I put it into your hands. I don’t have to think about it as much because I know you guys have got it handled. You know my personality, you know what I like. That I’m quirky a bit wild. I love what you do! You’ve got it right where I want it to be!"

Markon: What kind of advice would you give other entrepreneurs when it comes to the value of branding and marketing?

Stacey: "I would say . . . that if you want to have a professional image, it is extremely important to be consistent in all avenues of advertising - websites, business cards, car decals - all of these things are very, very important."
    "I would also say . . . if I saw the same logo over and over again I would begin to know who that logo belongs to. There is value in instant recognition!"
    "It is tough for me because I work out of my home, so people have to encounter my branding in other places. I think, for me, the consistency in my branding shows how serious I am, and I am serious about my business, it is my life."


    When you combine Stacey’s natural ambition and commitment with a growing portfolio of well-designed, consistently branded marketing materials, you get accelerated growth. For us, capturing the whimsy, free-flowing fun nature of Stacey was easy. She really gave us the tools to design her materials. Much in the same way her clients do for her. So much of success for a small business relies on relationship building. Branding is a means by which to strengthen the way you network. Like Stacey said, it builds recognition in your clients - and making sure you are recognizable among all of the other choices they have is key!

    We suspect Stacey will continue to grow. Not only did she plant a great seed, she gave it everything it needed to not only grow, but blossom.

     Check them out on their website here!