Velonia Boutique

High Fashion and Brilliant Craft

What We Did

  • Business Card Design + Print
  • Rack Card Design + Print
  • Direct Mail Design + Print
  • Trade Show Display Design + Print
  • Tagline Development

Velonia Boutique is . . . unsuspecting. From the ground, it can seem like another place where you can have your clothes altered, but once inside it's something else completely. Velonia is home to high, European design, crafted by experienced hands on location and available for men and women seeking garments for weddings and other formal events. A brand that's founded on using a delicate craft to create precious works is one that requires diligence in its expression. Velonia came to us with a name and a logo. From there we developed a tagline and then set out to design and produce of a suite of print collateral for Velonia. To give each piece the lift it deserved we paid close attention to the use of lines, embellishments, and print features that elevated each piece's look and feel. 

Tagline Development


Business Card Design

Rack Card Design

Direct Mail Design

These items were printed to provide a feel for a business that is all about ensnaring the senses. The addition of gold foil is what pushes the envelope for each item. It's the details and the intricacies that make each piece worth the time.