Digital strategy for brands means giving you the tools to communicate and operate in all of the digital spaces that move your business or organization forward. For us, that often means web design, and when it comes to website design, that means Squarespace. However, our work doesn’t end there, we are available to help with email campaigns, advertising, setting up commercial and reservation tools and so on. We take a simple approach to this work, aiming only to provide your brand with the solutions that are right for you. 

working with us is simple and collaborative, our process is organized into four logical phases 


No brand takes advantage of the tools and spaces on the web in the same way. For some, a simple website will do. For others, an entire online store will need to be designed, organized, and equipped with the right tools to process payments and manage shipments. We are here to help determine which direction is right for you. 


Designing for the web requires attention to all sorts of details: is this a website or an email campaign? How will the audience get to the message? What happens next? We'll map out an experience and layout designs and collaborate with you to create the right experience for your audience. 


This phase is highly collaborative and meant to refine a proposed concept. We'll ask you to consider both the design and the experience we've created and then we'll work with your feedback to refine the concept. This is a great period to incorporate feedback from other stakeholders and create the best possible product. 


Once the final concept is complete it'll be time to have the website, or other product, go live. We'll work with you to ensure that the new product is manageable after launch and provide support to get things going. Then we can be involved as much or as little as you require!