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About Markon

Your name is Markon Brands but you do web design, not branding. Tell me more about that.

To us, it’s all about the brand. Everything we do, whether it’s designing a web page, implementing a great bit of UI, helping a client better tell their story, providing tools to promote visual consistency or access to media opportunities for increased exposure all comes down to the brand.

Your brand is so much more than a logo; it’s an experience, a feeling, a connection your loyal fans have that they can’t even express in words. It’s equal parts content, function, visual and haptic. It’s in every piece of your brand they interact with online (and in the real world) and all of it together is what drives us. We are endlessly passionate about creating exceptional brand experiences above all else, about throwing our entire weight behind moving brands forward. Want to hear more of our story? You can read more about us and meet the team here.


Do you design websites only for a certain industry?

We design websites for companies across many industries! The thing that they all have in common is a need to communicate effectively with their target demographic. Since this is a need that isn't specific to one type of business, field or niche, we are able to apply our expertise to design your website regardless of what you do. Most modern business websites contain the same foundational elements and are just waiting to be populated with specifics about you and your business. If you feel like your site may need to features some elements that are highly specific to the field you work in, let's chat! It's probably easier than you think for us to translate our existing skills to apply to your unique type of work.


Can I see samples of your past work?

Definitely! We love showing off past projects and many of them also feature really great before-and-after screenshots so you can really see the power of a new or refreshed website. View our Case Studies. Read what our clients say about us.


Where can I see some of your press & media mentions?

We're humbled you asked 😊 We contribute regularly to industry blogs, articles and columns as a way to stay connected with our peers and what's going on in our field. We have been featured in blogs like Fit Small Business and Creative Mindscape as well as nationally published magazines such as SELF. See our Press Page.


Web Design

What's included in the base cost of your web design package?

The short answer is that we do everything you need to have a fully functional website for your business. While no project is the same, here is the list of universal activities we complete to develop a website for your brand:

  • Comprehensive site design

  • Content upload (you provide it, we place it)

  • SEO (page optimization, meta descriptions, clean URLs, etc.)

  • Third party product/app integration

  • Form building

  • Image optimization

  • Domain setup or migration

  • Squarespace account setup (if necessary)

  • Landing page design and publication

  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console setup and integration

  • Social media connections

  • Custom code/CSS (if necessary)


Quick Fix Projects

What kind of asks can I make with this service?

Just about everything and anything, aside from asking us to build an entirely new website. We designed this service to be efficient. You simply select the service from our site, pay a hold fee for out time, and then send us details about the changes you'd like us to implement. We complete the changes and then bill you for the exact time it took us to work through them.

Here’s a list of common asks for this service:

  • Code inspection/update

  • Quick SEO optimization

  • Page layout optimization

  • Small updates to text, image, video, audio content

  • Image adjustments/edits

  • Video playback changes

  • Uploading blog posts

  • Uploading images to galleries

  • Uploading events to calendars

  • Updating menu options

If you know you'll have ongoing need for support, one of our website maintenance plans might make more sense for you.


How Does Quick Fix Billing Work?

We designed our Quick Fix service to be efficient and only cost you the time it takes for us to implement your requested changes.

We ask for a $25 deposit to reserve our time and cover the first 15 minutes of work. Our team will track their time and only invoice you for the time it took to complete the work (as opposed to billing for entire hour blocks at a time).

After the initial 15 minutes, the cost/time breakdown goes like this:

  • 30 minutes (additional $25)

  • 60 minutes (additional $75)

  • 2 hours (additional $125)

On the odd chance that we can't complete the changes you requested, we'll refund the $25 deposit.


Working With Us

Who will I actually be working with? Who does the design and development?

You will always work directly with either Kristine or Mike. We do have some support staff that assist us on the business side of things here at Markon but when it comes to designing and developing sites for our clients or even performing routing updates for our support clients, we are as hands on as it gets.

As a team, we work collaboratively on all our projects though sometimes we take turns spearheading different aspects or being the singular point-of-contact for a project. This means that during the course of most projects you'll likely interact with both of us at some point! Our team email is where we both read incoming messages to make sure we are up-to-date on everything for all projects.


How long do projects usually take?

Our years of experience working on hundreds of client sites means we are proficient at not just Squarespace as a platform but at knowing the exact steps to take and questions to ask to help you launch quickly. Depending on the size and scope that can mean launching in as few as 3-4 weeks for a new website or as fast as just 1-2 for a website refresh.

We'll be sure to quote the exact time we expect your project to take in our proposal to you and if you're needing to launch by a certain date, just let us know and we'll do our best to accomodate - even if it's just throwing up a splash page to let people know that more is coming soon!


How soon can you get started?

When you're excited to work on something new, there's nothing worse than being told you have to wait forever! We strategically schedule our projects so that we're almost always available to dig in sooner rather than later and if you have a launch date in mind that we need to hit, just let us know and we'll see what we can do to accomodate it.


Do you provide copywriting services?

We require that you create the bulk of the new content for your website. This is because no one knows your business as well as you do so even if you need some assistance polishing things up or pulling a great headline out of the body, we want to hear from you. During the project we do provide guidance for creating new content, including creating wireframes to show you were content will live on your new website and offering tips for writing and selecting images. We are also happy to proofread or review your text to make sure it works well for your site, including running your text through Grammarly to check it for spelling, punctuation or grammar errors.


Do you provide SEO services?

It's our strong belief that good design = good SEO so we incorporate all the most up-to-date best practices when putting together your website. This includes: 

  • Site & Page Titles

  • Site & Page Descriptions

  • Proper H1-H3 tags

  • Proper Image Formatting

  • Site Maps

  • SSL Certificates

  • Clean HTML Markup

  • Automatic Tagging

  • Clean URLs

  • Automatic Redirects

  • Search Engine and Page Descriptions

  • AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages

  • Google Rich Image Search for Products

  • Mobile Optimization

  • Google Search Keywords Analytics

For more on what you can do to improve your SEO after your site launches, click here