Life is better when your website and your business operations software work in tandem. Dubsado is many things that it’s easier to make a bulleted list of what it can do then try to explain it. Dubsado is:

  • A customer relationships management platform

  • A billing platform

  • A scheduling tool for phone calls and meetings

  • A customer portal platform so that you can share documents with clients and vice versa

  • A communications platform so that you can keep all of your email communications in one place

  • A workflow automation tool

We’ve probably missed a few things, but if you are a service-based business that sends custom proposals and invoices to clients based on individual projects, then Dubsado is a powerful tool for you. Even better, we can integrate features from Dubsado, such as custom forms and a meeting scheduler to your Squarespace website.


  • Available for every Squarespace template

  • Optimize business processes

  • Connect clients to Dubsado features via your website

  • Mobile responsive

  • User-friendly

  • Seamless backend integration

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