Live Chat

Why not connect visitors to your website with your team instantly through live chat? That way, potential or current customers can ask you questions directly and your team can respond in real time? It’s better than a form or email and it brings a human, real-time customer service element to your website experience. Our team will work with you to recommend the best product to enable live chat on your website and then integrate the service for you. Now your website can truly be a sales and customer care tool for your business.

Products We Use:

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Intercom

  • Drift


  • Available for every Squarespace template

  • Customizable so that experience matches what it’s like to interact with your brand

  • Ability to set hours of operation so that you aren’t expected to answer middle-of-the-night customer questions

  • Responsive on all devices

  • Able to connect directly to Facebook Messenger