Multilingual Squarespace Websites

Have a diverse audience that reads in multiple languages? There are apps that can translate your website into multiple languages so that you don’t have to undertake the expensive investment of developing a site in each of the languages your audience operates in. Once we integrate one of the translations apps we support into your Squarespace website, users will be able to utilize a simple button or dropdown feature that will translate your site from its native language to their own. Translation in seconds. It doesn’t get better, really!


  • Compatible with all Squarespace templates

  • 100+ supported languages

  • Automatic translations provided by the best machine learning providers on the market with the option to inject manual translations provided by professional translators

  • Your Squarespace website is indexed by Google in all translated languages and follows Google best practices for multilingual SEO

  • One specific subdomain for each language

  • All your metadata (titles, descriptions, etc.) are translated

  • Automatically serve your pages in your audience language, based on their browser settings

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