Upsell Page

While we love Squarespace, there are some options (specifically around e-commerce functionality) that other platforms do have dialed in a little better. One of those is the ability to easily upsell items or create a page where you can show shoppers related merchandise that they can add-on. The default functionality in Squarespace is to add to cart > go to cart. With our Upsell Page feature, you can insert a page in the middle there so it goes add to cart > upsell page > cart. What an easy way to boost sales and you can keep your shop right on Squarespace with the rest of your business. 


  • Available for every Squarespace template

  • Mobile responsive

  • Option to redirect to a page or have a lightboxed popup

  • Create one upsell page or customize by product or shop section

  • Easy to edit and turn on/off