Launch a New Website on Squarespace

A responsive, user-friendly website built to move your brand forward.

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Strategic Design

With Squarespace as our foundation, our team can focus on reimagining how users experience your content with engaging page layouts and well-organized design.


Unlimited Growth Potential

Build your site now for the future you want your business to be. Squarespace has unlimited upside potential for your blog, your store, your features - whatever you plan on taking on.


Consolidated Management

With everything in one place- website, analytics, web and domain hosting - billed to one entity, you’ll spend more time in the future running your business than managing your website.



Whatever it is you need for your business - a blog, an online store, an informational site, a place for people to order food, download a freebie, schedule a call or just complete a form - our team can build you an amazing new website on Squarespace. We leverage the strength of the platform to create a stable and secure foundation for your site and then enhance user experience with custom code, creative use of space and an exceptional eye for content organization. We’ll help you uncover new possibilities for presenting and managing your information and content online to ensure your website become your most valuable business asset. Our signature 6-week process guides you from content creation to launch day and beyond and builds in plenty of time for you to work collaboratively with our team of Squarespace experts and strategic design pros.

This is perfect for you if:

  • You are a newly formed business and you need your first website.

  • You have a severely outdated website on a legacy platform and need a complete structural rebuild from the pixel up.

  • You have a website on another platform and would like to migrate to Squarespace while improving experience at the same time.

  • You have a small website right now, but are ready to build out a much larger website with expanded features.


Complete Web Design & Development
+ Responsive mobile design so your site looks great on all devices
+ Advanced Custom Code Development (HTML, CSS & Javascript)
+ Content organized & optimized for SEO
+ Onboard analytics so you can learn about traffic to your website
+ Secure & stable platform with SSL certificates issued automatically and 99% uptime
+ Intelligent editing features so that you can make simple updates on your own

Premium Feature Integrations:

+ Integrate new native and third-party features to improve user experience and business operations. Features can include items from our feature library including:

  • Live Chat - Facebook Messenger, Intercom, Drift

  • Multi-Location Maps

  • Accept Donations

  • Membership Sites & Community Directories

  • Menus / Online Ordering with ChowNow

  • Marketing Pop-Ups

  • CSS Animations

  • Multinlingual Sites

  • eCommerce with Shopify or Advanced Squarespace Commerce

  • IDX & MLS Search Integrations

  • Subscription Paywalls

  • Advanced Summary Filters

  • Scheduling Apps - Acuity, Dubsado

  • Shoppable Products on Instagram

Expert Guidance & Process through our 6-week process

  • Content Guidance Phase

    We'll guide you through putting together all of the content items you'll need to make our website project a success, from walking you through how to write effective web copy for yourself to checklists, tips & best practices. Our Content Workbook helps break things down into manageable steps and our team will provide helpful guidance every step of the way.

  • Initial Design Phase

    After reviewing your content, we'll connect to discuss goals and ideas for the new site including how to fit your new website into your overall marketing plan. From there, our team will work to create a live demo of your new site that you will be able to click through and explore just like a real website. It won't be perfect (yet!) but it will be a great first step towards helping you see how the finished product will look and feel.

  • Revision Phase

    During our revision phase, you'll be able to provide unlimited feedback and work collaboratively with our team on refining your site. Unlike some companies that force you into three rigid feedback rounds, we want you to be able to work openly with us, tweaking and editing as we go. Get prepared to put us on speed dial for these two weeks!

  • Launch!

    After all the hard work on content, layout, design, strategy and development, your new site is ready to launch!

  • Post-Launch Support

    Launching your site isn't the end of the project. We'll follow up by taking care of connecting your site to popular search engines like Google & Bing and be on hand for last minute edits or revision. We'll also discuss ongoing maintenance options or connect you to our Help Center if you're ready to fly solo!


New Website Design projects start at $3200