Treating The Whole Brand

We embrace a holistic approach to branding and that means placing a strong focus on reputation management throughout the life of a brand. What does that mean in terms of actions from us? The most common is providing clients with public relations services. That can include developing messaging for stakeholders and customers, or liaising with local and industry media to get information out into the press. Online, reputation management can include everything from managing the way your business or organization is listed online (in places like Yelp, Bing, and more), to how to respond to reviews left in places like Google and Facebook.

As brand managers, we understand the value of maintaining a consistent, positive reputation in addition to managing your visual identity. Design can carry you far, but it has to be backed by positive practices and communications. Creating helpful experiences for your audience and being responsive to their communication is the best way to care for your brand.

Reputation management is a long game. There are few instances for which there is a one-act remedy. Often solutions require continued care and attention. This is a service for the vigilant new company, one seeking new media attention, or an organization in transition.

Relevant Projects

Stakeholder Communications

Project Ideas 

Whether you need an agency to be on board with your team for the long run, or just some help here and there, here are a few ideas of areas where we can help manage your reputation:

Listings Management: How your business is listed online is vital to how it ranks in search engine result pages. There are literally dozens of websites where your business could be listed, and believe us, a listing finds its way into being whether you create it or not. We can access over 60 listing sites and make sure your business is accurately represented. This will tell Google who you are, what you do, and where customers can find you.

Review Generation / Response Strategy: Do not underestimate the power of user generated content about your business. The most common form of user generated content comes in the form of the review. Many sites allow users to review your business, including Google, Facebook, and Yelp. It’s important to have recent reviews, and to have a strategy in place to respond to any negative ones. 

Media Kit Development: Just about any organization can benefit from developing a concise package of documents to send to industry, and other relevant, media. We’ll work with your team to develop the messaging and collect the right visual content to put your kit together.

Stakeholder Communications: Some communications require skilled finesse and packaging. Our team can provide guidance on how to break major announcements and develop a response strategy when anticipating an influx of inquiries from your audience.