Your Website Set To Easy

When it comes to building gorgeous, easy-to-use websites for businesses, Squarespace is where it's at! We have so much faith in the platform that we became Squarespace Circle Members and Authorized Trainers. That essentially means that we’ve made more than a few Squarespace websites and that we have the knowledge and tools necessary to empower others to thrive on the platform - like you! For us, the draw is the way that Squarespace makes managing your website content easy and straightforward. Clients love letting our team do the heavy lifting of creating a beautiful, well-organized, functional website. We'll program all the trappings so that your information is available on the web and your customers can easily get in touch with you. Then we'll pass control back over to you so that you can make content updates as you need to. You should be able to make the most of your website without reading through heavy lines of code or trying to sort out what does what, and where. You have better things to do.  

We Can Build Or Refine  

We can step in and help with your website needs in a number of ways. Whether you just need recommendations for improving your site, a restyle of an existing Squarespace site, or a new site from the ground up - we are here to help.

Website Audit: For the established sites that just need a little bit of help, our team will audit your front end and back end content. We’ll gather our findings and recommendations and provide them to you in a report. What happens after that is entirely up to you.

Squarespace Styling: Squarespace makes it so easy to manage a site! Sometimes, though, it takes a bit of a design polish to get a site to its full potential before it can get to work for your brand. Our team of specialists will access your site and put the finishing touches on your work so that your site can get to work! 

Squarespace Website: If you are ready for a brand new site that you don't plan to accept any form of financial transaction on, this is the option for you. We will build the site to your needs and style it to be consistent with your branding. 

Squarespace Website (with e-Commerce): Looking to sell products or services online? Or collection donations for your nonprofit? This is the package for you. We will build your website from the ground up and do all of the backend work to enable financial transactions on your site.