Complete Redesign Services For Your Website

Give Your Website The Ultimate Update And Reignite Your Brand

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Style Reboot

Let’s give your customers something new to look at it with a branded style reboot.


Content Updates

This is the perfect opportunity to edit content already on the site and add new content.


Launch New Features

We can integrate tools you use in your business to enrich the user experience for your customers.



Over time, even the best websites start to look stale. The same look, the same images, and the same copy can fatigue your customers. When this happens, there’s no need to throw the kitchen sink out the window. Websites are meant to be updated and Squarespace makes it easy to give your site a full makeover. A complete website redesign is a chance to revitalize your site’s visual aesthetic, upload new content, and integrate new features to improve interaction with your customers and drive conversion.

This is Perfect for you if:

  • You hate your current template or just feel like the design is no longer working for your brand. Because of this, you’ve considered starting completely over with a new design (maybe even a new platform!) even though you’ve worked hard to get this far.

  • You like your current template but feel overwhelmed by all of the style editor options and backend settings. Because of this, you’ve avoided updating your website or giving it the attention you know it needs even though you know it will help your business.


Style Reboot
+ New template installed if needed or just a complete rework of your current template
+ A visual refresh across your entire site - layout, color, typography, spacing and navigation updates
+ Basic custom coding & CSS so things don’t feel DIY

Content Updates
+ Content organized & optimized for SEO
+ Edits to existing copy on your website
+ Upload new content - images, video, audio, copy, blog posts, events, etc.

Feature Updates
+ Integrate new native and third-party features to improve user experience and business operations. Features can include:

  • Live Chat via Facebook Messenger

  • Scheduling via Acuity

  • Basic CSS Style Tweaks

  • Announcement Bars

  • Password-Protected Pages

  • Custom Cookie Banners

  • Content Accordions, Tabs & Lightboxes

  • Promotional Popups

Expert Guidance & Process
+ 30-minute launch call so we can help uncover areas we can help your business most
+ Step-by-step, iterative process that will allow you to provide your input and feedback during key milestones of the project
+ Have a new site ready to launch in just a few weeks!

Squarespace Web Redesign projects are $1280, payable in two installments.